How to Use the Collation Studio

The Collation Studio allows users to compare passages in A1 (the American edition) across other editions: D1 (Danish edition), D1-TR (English translation of the Danish edition), G1 (German edition), TS (German typescript), and TS-TR (English translation of the German typescript). Please note that A1 is the base text; all other editions are collated with A1, not with one another.

Note that another edition, B1 (the British edition) corresponds with A1 except for in the illustrations, which you can read more about in an Essay comparing the illustrations across the four primary editions, by Pamela L. Caughie and Sabine Meyer.

In the top menu, you can turn each edition on or off to select the edition(s) you want to compare with A1. Selecting a paragraph in A1 will highlight the corresponding paragraph(s) in the other edition(s) you have selected. Scroll down each edition until the highlighted passage is visible.

Given the challenge of collating across languages, we have collated at the paragraph level, rather than the word or sentence level. We have indicated with a special character [❡] instances where a paragraph appears in one or more editions but not in every edition. Mousing over the special character highlights that paragraph in the other edition(s).

Paragraphs are linked via the paragraph IDs to the corresponding paragraphs in each edition’s reading view. Facsimile page images of the original editions can be found by navigating via the linked paragraph IDs to the reading view and then clicking on the related page number.

Our metadata can be found in the Collation Studio.