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On this site you will find the following materials:

The Corpus (see Narrative):

  • Encoded transcription and translation of the Danish first edition
  • Encoded transcription and translation of the German typescript
  • Encoded transcription of the German first edition
  • Encoded transcription of the British first edition
  • Encoded transcription of the American first edition

All versions are available for comparison in the Collation Studio.

Archival materials (see Context):

  • Letters by Lili Elbe, the Poul Knudsen archive, Det Kongelige Bibliotek (The Royal Library), Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Letters by Lili Elbe and her nephew, the Ernst Harthern archive, Arbetarrörelsens arkiv och bibliotek (Swedish Labour Movement’s Archive and Library), Huddinge, Sweden
  • Selected correspondence between the editor and German publisher, the Harthern archive
  • Foreword attributed to Lili Elbe, the Harthern archive
  • Articles, interviews, and book reviews in Danish periodicals of the time
  • French version published in Voilà (1934), the Harthern archive
  • German version published in /Scherl Magazin/ (1931)
  • Chapter on Lili Elbe from Hélène Allatini’s memoir Mosaïques (1939)
  • Chapter on Lili Elbe from Magnus Hirschfeld’s Le Sexe Inconnu (1935)

The above materials have been transcribed, translated, and encoded.

  • Le Livre des Vikings, by Einar Wegener and Charles de Guyot (1924)
  • Syk kjærlihet [Sick Love], by Hans Jager (1893), quoted in Elbe’s narrative
  • Hélène Allatini, Mosaïques (Paris: Éditions de la Nouvelle Revue Critique, 1939)

These books are available as digital images.

Scholarly Essays (see Commentary):

  • Chapter on Lili Elbe by Teit Ritzau from Paradiset er ikke til salg [Paradise is Not for Sale] (1984) (with translation)
  • Introduction to Fra Mand til Kvinde (Skippershoved 1988) by Teit Ritzau (with translation)
  • Essay comparing the illustrations across the four primary editions, by Pamela L. Caughie and Sabine Meyer

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