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Municipal Women’s Clinic (Staatliche Frauenklinik), Dresden–postcard from the early 1900s. Web source.
Personal photograph from June 2018
House of Marmosets (Maison des Marmousets), home of Léon Leyritz (Jean Tempête in the narrative), Beaugency, France. In Copyright, used with permission: Mathilde Bombeaux, Chargée de valorisation du patrimoine, ville de Beaugency
Gerda Wegener’s portrait of Kurt Warnekros (Dresden 1930) In Copyright, used with permission of National Museum of Denmark
Historic photo of Trinitatis Cemetery (Trinitatisfriedhof), Dresden In Copyright, used with permission.
Replica of original gravestone, June 2018 (personal photograph)
Cover of The Studio, 1912
Gerda Wegener’s “The Three Graces” from The Studio, 1912
Einar Wegener, “Au Bord du Seine,” Paris, 1922. Private collection. In Copyright, used with permission

Photographs from the DET KONGELIGE BIBLIOTEK - Danmarks Nationalbibliotek og Københavns Universitetsbibliotek

Gerda Wegener and Fernando Porta, Morocco, In Copyright, used with permission
Gerda Wegener, Claude Prévost, and friend (possibly Porta or Léon Leyritz), Beaugency In Copyright, used with permission
Einar and Gerda Wegener with friends (possibly Poul and Vibeka Knudsen) In Copyright, used with permission