Book Chapters

In 1939 Hélène Allatini (Elena Rossini in the narrative) published her memoir Mosaïques, with an informative and delightful chapter on Lili Elbe ("Il et Elle") that confirms elements of Elbe’s life narrative and contours the image of Lili presented there. Here you will find scanned images of the original, and an encoded transcription and English translation of this chapter. (The memoir in its entirety can be found under Books.) The edition presented here is from a private collection. A version of the translation available here was published in Feminist Modernist Studies in March 2019, available online at:

"Il et Elle" (PDF)

Likewise this section contains a chapter from Magnus Hirschfeld’s Le Sexe Inconnu, published in 1935. Chapter XII, "La Manie Androgyne," includes a discussion of Lili Elbe. As with Allatini’s chapter, it has been scanned, transcribed, encoded, and translated into English. (The full-length version is available under Books.) The edition presented here is from the University of Notre Dame Library.